IBM Has Just Wrote The Elevator Speech For Me

My head is spinning, in a good way.  Given the way how internet and technology have evolved, everybody is overwhelmed by data and information overload, need to tackle this critical issue quickly, staffed with IT guys, however not much talk on how Information Professionals play the important roles in this whole process.  Then I heard the IBM  commercial on the radio, even though it’s still selling the system to midsized businesses, what it does is “basically turn data into new intelligence, uncover insight and take action, set you apart and outsmart competitor“.  Bingo !!

A recent McK Quarterly article “The Internet of Things” mentioned by putting the internet of things to work, we monitor the behavior of persons, things, or data through space and time with all the information and analysis; another special report from The Economist touched on managing information “Data, data everywhere” discloses the shock (maybe not surprised?) fact : the business of information management — helping organisations to make sense of their proliferating data — is growing by leaps and bounds. In recent years Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP between them have spent more than $15 billion on buying software firms specialising in data management and analytics. This industry is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion and growing at almost 10% a year, roughly twice as fast as the software business as a whole.

Let’s say you have all the infrastructure, i.e. technology, software, and IT staff in place, but where is that smart trend spotter or dot connector who can turn all these beautiful information into something that’s meaningful and actionable to make impact to the bottom line?  We can teach people very easily where to look for these tools and how to use them, the trendspotters/dotconnetors are people who are intuitive, always on the hunt to satisfy their curiosity.  I really like this website, Information Is Beautiful, the question is then, how do you optimize them to have long lasting, sustainable results?

My head is spinning fast and furious, happily.  You can have all the data and information available, and at the end of day you still need someone to press the button.

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